about the library ... [briefly]


     The regional ibrary in Žilina is the most important and the largest library in Žilina region.  The main aim is to build up and make accessible general library colletion, provide users library informational services and  the general access to information for all demographic groups.


     The library is methodical, bibliographical and informational centre of the public libraries' network in district Žilina and Bytča.


     The library was founded in 1924 in the seat of the town council. It had 730 book and 250 readers. The number of loans reached 5 040. The poet and publicist Andrej Hvizdák-Podlučinský became the first professional librarian in 1931. He was the leader of The City public library more than 15 years. When he had retured, the library was closed. The library was reopened in 1954. Since then the library works continuously. The library gained its own building on Bernolákova Street in 1995. The great deal of  the  library collection is concentrated there.


     In 2004 the library collection included  315 000  stock units /year acquisition is 10 000 stock units/ , library had 16 000 users and  800 000 loans.



Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  ........................... 7.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.


Wednesday                                         ...........................11.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.


Saturday                                              ........................... 9.00 a.m.-13.00 a.m.



The special  departments of the library:



The methodical department directc 71 town and local libraries in Žilina and Bytča district and 4 regional libraries in Žilina region.


The reference department  collects and offers regional literature and information from various spheres of everyday life in Žilina and its surrounding. There are available all regional periodicals and literature, many files, like for example the files of  personalities of the region, the files containing information about  four thousand important people from the sphere of science and culture, clipping files about communities from the region of Žilina, etc.


The multimedial department  offers the services of the internet,  the popular and classical music on CDs and CD ROMs, the services for people with visual handicap and various sorts of newpapers and special magazines. During the year about 400 cultural and social undertakings place there.



The services of the library:
-          reference services, present and absent loans of books, newspapares and magazines
-          interlibrary loan system
-          bibliographical reference services
-          regional literature and information
-          copy services
-          internet and various sorts of special databases

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